Wednesday, July 13, 2011

letter to senators feinstein and boxer


I was shocked and dismayed to hear that our Department of Defense has denied a request by the families of seven missing fishermen to dive the wreck of their charter boat.

From what I've read it's a money issue, which I find ludicrous given the circumstances.

First of all, this is the Department of Defense, the one department of the U.S. government that will never be short on funding.

Secondly, these are 7 American citizens, 2 of which are Veterans of our Armed Forces, and the DoD won't provide the opportunity to bring some closure to their families?!

As a U.S. citizen I'm embarrassed for my country today. As a U.S. taxpayer I'm frustrated to see my tax dollars not being put to use where they would be doing tremendous good.

No doubt, Senator, if one of the missing were a relative of yours, you wouldn't rest until he or she was found. However, the families of the missing 7 face the possibility of never knowing the fate of their loved ones as long as the wreck at the bottom of the Sea of Cortez remains unexamined.

When I think of the defense of our country, I think of the Marines and their famous motto, "Never leave a man behind."
It's embarrassing our Department of Defense does not espouse this motto as our men in uniform do.

Please, on the families' behalf, lobby to have the DoD dive the wreck.

In doing so, you'd also help at least one of your constituents restore his faith in his country.


Todd Cincala

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