Sunday, May 23, 2010

check, check

I'm truly astonished by my friends who are married and/or have kids -- every single one of them -- because I cannot comprehend how they have time to do anything. Yet they do. They are able to pursue careers full-time, go out to dinner, travel on vacation and do other time-intensive shit like read novels and learn foreign languages WHILE maintaining their marital relations and/or raising their child(ren). Absolutely phenomenal.

I can't even find the time to post a blog entry each month.

This is the first weekend I've had that hasn't whipped past before I knew it. So I'm taking these moments to pause and recap all that I've been doing, knowing that the next opportunity to write a blog post won't be coming along until God knows when.

In the last month and a half, I've been spring skiing with Scott and Rob for the first time in years (here we are, at the Ice Bar on the backside of Alpine Meadows during the last weekend of their ski season.) The following weekend, I celebrated the opening of yachting season out in Tiburon with Ben and Megan, who were in town visiting from New York. After they left, I spent all day drinking Mint Juleps with strangers after going to Golden Gate Fields to place losing bets on the Derby (and spending the rest of the weekend recovering.) Then I coordinated with my brother in Manhattan to fly home to Pittsburgh to surprise mom for Mother's Day. The weekend after that, I went over to Jon and Kim's for an evening of burgers, scotch whiskey and watching their daughter Franny show off her gymnastic skills on their living room furniture. This weekend, I visited Carv and Janine to eat Three Amigos burritos and play with their son, Liam the Destructor. Next weekend, I'm off to St. Helena to spend Memorial Day in wine country with Rob and Kate.

In June I'll even have less time at my disposal. I'll be entering the MFA program at the University of San Francisco. On top of my work responsibilities and my own writing (I pushed past the 100-page mark of my memoir manuscript last week) I'll have additional critical writing to do, not to mention a shitload of reading. So I doubt I'll have much else to be writing here in the coming months. Maybe I'll post an occasional critical writing assignment, or a chapter or two from the memoir.