Monday, August 18, 2008

mophunquis, pronunciation of

A few of the few readers of this blog have inquired about, or commented upon, the pronunciation of its name. Most assume it's pronounced moe-FUN-keys, and I suppose that is the pronunciation I had in mind when I first thought up the name.

Perhaps, if you're a little Frenchy, you might pronounce it moe-FUN-key, with the "quis" enunciated as it is in the Marquis (mar-KEY) de Sade.

Or you could go with either of the variants moe-FUN-kwis or moe-FUN-kwiz. (Personally I like to imagine the latter pronunciation, spoken with a thick Pittsburgh accent that sneaks a "g" sound between the last two syllables, as in... Yunz check aht dat website, moe-FUNG-kwiz?)

Or you could opt not to pronounce the "ph" pairing with its customary "f" sound and pronounce the first two syllables of the word, mop-HUN, and end with whatever variant of "quis" you so desire.

Or you could think of some other pronunciation altogether that I cannot in my geeking-out with the word, and that pronunciation would be as correct as any other.

The point is, there is no definitive pronunciation, just as there is no definitive definition of the word. The name of the blog was chosen to be as unconstrained as the writing herein.

Saying that, I wouldn't even term the kind of writing I'm doing here to be blogging, per se. As I've been writing, I've moved beyond my stated intention of recording my awaking thoughts. I've noticed my thoughts, and commentary upon present-day events, have occasioned me to revisit my past. As one reader mentioned, several of my blog posts read like excerpts from a memoir.

I've decided to continue in this fashion here, loosely weaving my past experiences into my day-to-day thoughts, with the intention of writing in a new form altogether which I will call the "blemoir" because a) memlog sounds bad and b) I kinda like how Blemoir sounds like the name of a Lord of the Rings character.

In a future post, I'll flesh out what I mean by "blemoir" in greater detail, but for the time being, that will have to wait. I am anxiously waiting to hear back regarding my most promising job opportunity to date, and until I've heard one way or the other about this job, I'm compelled for some reason to keep my thoughts regarding all things mophunquis in check.

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