Monday, July 14, 2008

mophunquis, etymology of

Back in the days shortly after college, when my friends and I thought of how awesome it would be to own a bar, we came up with ideas that would distinguish our bar from any other we had been in. My friend Carv liked the idea of a bunker-style entrance so that patrons would have to dive and tumble over a wall of sandbags to enter--you know, a first-date kinda spot.

I always liked the idea of having a penalty box in the bar, off to the side, and a bartender with a ref's whistle that would be blown to call out a bar foul. He would point to the offender(s) and banish them to the penalty box. In order to insure compliance, two bouncers in zebra-striped muscle shirts would enforce the bartender's calls and make sure the offenders remained inside the box until their penalty time (major or minor) had expired, or in the event of a bar misconduct penalty, shown to the bar's exit. It would have been the kind of place you loved to get in trouble, though, and for that reason, not a practical bar idea at all.

Our bars had names, too, but I can only remember my own. Mophunquis.

Though its origin lies in the contemplation of a debaucherous haven, the name has come to take on a different meaning. It now refers to the process of thinking about things like what the perfect bar would be. It is a state of mind that the best of my friends slip into with ease, and it is with this state of mind that I approach the writing of these blog entries. If everyone were a little mophunquis (adj.) in their approach to life, I think the world would be an easier place in which to live...more jovial, more creative, more frivolous. Mophunquis.

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